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This website will relocate and be included in the website of the institution listed below from April 2017. From the new website, you will be able to search and obtain information to a more diverse range of courses taught in English in addition to the current courses that have been introduced as part of the G30 Program.Some documentations regarding the G30 activities will still be available as an archive for you to refer to. The new website will be available as part of the JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) as well as the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) websites.
 JASSO Study in Japan:
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 (*The G30 page in the MEXT website is now under construction and will be uploaded in due course.)


Study in English at Japanese Universities!
Tohoku University
TUniversity of Tsukuba
The University of Tokyo
Nagoya University
Kyoto University
Osaka University
Kyushu University
Keio University
Sophia University
Meiji University
Waseda University
Doshisha University
Ritsumeikan University
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