Job Opportunities after Graduation There are various job opportunities for international students upon graduation. Some useful information is given here on how to begin job search in Japan.

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Job Opportunities After Graduation

Job Search in Japan

There are many job opportunities for international students upon graduation. Here are some websites you can use to start your job search.

In 2009, according to the Japanese Immigration Bureau, there were 8,905 people who changed their status of residence from College Student to one for the purpose of employment. There is also an increase in foreign students who participate in internship programs at Japanese firms while they are enrolled in a Japanese educational institute.

You can find details at the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau web site.

Job Hunting Guide for International Students
"Job Hunting Guide for International Students" by Japan Student Services Organization gives you useful information to start your job hunting in Japan. The guidebook can be downloaded from here.

The Employment Service Center

The Employment Service Center for Foreigners is a public employment office specializing in providing job counseling and placement services for non-Japanese students holding a college student visa and non-Japanese specialists or technical experts holding a corresponding visa living in Japan and seeking employment in Japan. The center is run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
The centers are located at Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

Study in Japan : Working in Japan After Graduation
The website "Study in Japan" by the Japanese Government provides support for the placement of foreign students in Japanese companies.

Assistance from the 13 Universities

Given the constant change in the social climate, namely the globalization of society, economy and culture, your career opportunities are equally diversifying..Under such conditions, the universities under the "Global 30" Project have established offices to provide supplemental support for students' career finding activities.

For example, The University Career Center concentrates on the following three activities.

First, The University of Tokyo provides students with opportunities to meet alumni. It is obvious that "finding a job" is not your only goal. Whatever career you choose, such as moving onto a post-graduate course, working for a company, or finding a career in research, it is important for you to make a decision based on the concept "how you can play an active role in our society." To support your decision-making based on a future plan, we provide many opportunities for you to meet alumni who are working in the front lines of various fields.

Second, The University of Tokyo support your job-hunting activities practically. In your job-hunting, you need to make a detailed research of industries, companies and organizations in preparation for entering into the business world. The University of Tokyo will provide practical support that may be useful when searching for a job. For example, they plan and organize various events to help you research industries, and prepare the "Alumni List" that tells you whom you can meet to learn about various companies.

Third, The University of Tokyo will act as an advisor on your career finding. In this advanced information society, you normally use the Internet in your job-hunting process. However, some students may feel anxious about "finding a job without seeing reality," and some may feel "we do not really know how to express ourselves." To relieve these kinds of anxieties, you can freely get advice from attentive advisors from your universities.

To see services offered by other universities, please click on the universities' website.

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