Prestigious Universities Offering Degree Programs Conducted Only in English. 13 internationalized universities were selected by the Japanese Government. These include The University of Tokyo, Asia's best university, and Kyoto University, a university which has produced seven Nobel Prizes recipients. You will be able to obtain degrees from these top universities by taking courses offered in English.

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These are the universities selected for Global 30. Please click each university name for its detailed information.

  • Tohoku University

    Future Global Leadership at Tohoku University Tohoku University offers high quality education based on cutting-edge research.

  • University of Tsukuba

    IMAGINE THE FUTURE. Together, we can open up a bright and sustainable future.
    University of Tsukuba is the core institution of Tsukuba Science City and an excellent environment for study and research

  • The University of Tokyo

    World's Leading Hub of Knowledge As Asia's top ranked university, producing Nobel laureates in physics, literature, and peace, the University of Tokyo offers you world-class research and educational opportunities.

  • Nagoya University

    We Challenge Your Courage to Find Your Way...A New Way ! Nagoya University seeks to cultivate ethical leaders who are able to develop innovative solutions to be productive members of the global environment.

  • Kyoto University

    Academic Freedom,
    Independence and Dialogue
    One of Asia's leading research-oriented institutions, Kyoto University is famed for producing world-class researchers, including nine Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields medalists and one Gauss Prize laureate.

  • Osaka University

    Live Locally, Grow Globally. Osaka University takes pride in being the first-class university in both domestic and international settings and is committed to make contributions to society.

  • Kyushu University

    Opening the Door to
    a New Century of Knowledge
    Building on a century of tradition, Kyushu University will move farther ahead to be a creative force behind new sciences, a catalyst for the globalization of Asia, and an incubator for new generations of world leaders whom we can entrust our future.

  • Keio University

    Think big. Think deep. Think Keio. Keio University provides a world-class academic and research environment to cultivate tomorrow's leaders. Three new degree programs delivered in English have been launched under Global 30.

  • Sophia University

    Men and Women for Others, with Others Sophia University (Jochi Daigaku) is a private Jesuit university bringing together the best of the Western and Asian intellectual traditions in the heart of Tokyo.

  • Meiji University

    An Intellectual Global Commons At the hub of both traditional and modern Tokyo, Meiji University aims at establishing an "Intellectual Global Commons", where people from all over the world can gather to advance reserch and education.

  • Waseda University

    Inheriting Tradition, Creating an Era, Nurturing Knowledge With its 56,000 students from around Japan and over 90 countries worldwide, WASEDA University is creating a new history.

  • Doshisha University

    Trusted Reputation Since 1875 New global initiative programs in Doshisha University, Kyoto, open in 2011.
    To join us or not to join us; that is your choice.

  • Ritsumeikan University

    Discover your Destiny! Our commitment to delivering quality teaching and an outstanding student experience means our graduates are highly regarded by employers. If you desire both a fulfilling and fun student experience, Ritsumeikan University is for you.

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Member University List
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