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Doshisha University was founded in 1875 by Joseph Hardy Niisima, a samurai who stowed away to the United States during the Tokugawa Period. Because of this unique history, the university has an atmosphere that is especially congenial to overseas students.


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Doshisha University: 141 years of History
Doshisha University was established in 1875 by Joseph Hardy Neesima in the heart of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Doshisha is the sister institution to Amherst College. Pursuing the fundamental ideals of Christian principles, liberalism and internationalism, Doshisha University's educational goal, established by our founder, Neesima, is to cultivate and nurture individuals that "use their abilities as their conscience dictates". Doshisha has sent promising graduates out into the world over its 141-year history and our alumni continue to contribute to local and global society at the highest levels.

Today Doshisha University has grown to be one of the most prestigious private educational institutions in Japan, with 14 faculties and 16 graduate schools on the Imadegawa Campus in the heart of Kyoto, and on the Kyotanabe Campus and the Gakkentoshi Campus in Kansai Science City, accommodating 27,000 undergraduate students, 2,400 graduate students and about 811 full-time faculty across the three campuses.

Doshisha's key mission is the transmission of academic knowledge and expertise. In addition to this, however, fostering a keen sense of common humanity and developing a principled and well-rounded character are other aims at the heart of Doshisha's educational approach. Doshisha University is committed to the continued development and innovation of our educational and research environments in order to fulfill our responsibilities and missions.

Global Connections: Past, Present and Future
Doshisha University was founded through global connections and continues to be rooted in international networks and relationships. We have exchange agreements with 177 universities and colleges in 42 countries in all regions of the world. These programs enable us to exchange around 470 students every year. We also have many inter-faculty agreements to promote student exchange in specialized fields. In addition, we accept about 1500 international students from around the world.

Doshisha University is host to five centers that our foreign partners operate on our Kyoto campus: the Associated Kyoto Program Center (AKP), founded by a consortium of 15 American liberal arts colleges; the University of Tübingen Center for Japanese Language at Doshisha (TUB); the Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation (SCTI); the University of Sheffield Doshisha Centre (USDC); and the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS), a consortium of 14 renowned universities in the United States, including Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University and others.

Our Degree Programs offered entirely in English
>>The Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA)
Grounded in Doshisha University's founding educational principles, the ILA offers an exciting B.A. Liberal Arts Program that combines a private American liberal arts college atmosphere and educational approach with an emphasis on building partnerships between students and professors in small-classes conducted in English.

Across sociology, culture, economics, business, law, politics, policy and international relations, the aim is for Institute graduates to have the capacity to operate at the highest international level, applying their grounding in local Kyoto and Japanese contexts to the cultivation of a broad interdisciplinary mind-set, developing the intellectual and social competence necessary to achieve a contribution to global society.

>>International Science and Technology Course(ISTC)
In the ISTC interdisciplinary graduate program study the most advanced science, engineering, and technology in order to foster skills for managing R&D projects with a strong ethical sense which is the basis for the various Japanese high-tech industries. Students can obtain an M. Sc. by taking courses taught in English.

>>Global MBA Course
Launched in 2009, the Global MBA is an exciting and timely program designed for a new generation of global 21st century business. The course is delivered full-time, entirely in English over a two-year period, at a purpose-built facility in the heart of Kyoto.

>>Graduate School of Global Studies
At Doshisha University’s Graduate School of Global Studies, education and research stresses both the humanities and social sciences, this program aims to develop individuals who have a broad perspective and a penetrating vision, and are capable of using their intellectual skills to develop practical solutions to a wide range of complex issues.

>>Student Exchange Program of Center for Japanese Language and Culture: CJLC
Undergraduate exchange students coming from foreign partner institutions under university-level agreements join the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Doshisha’s intensive Japanese language and Japanese studies program. Graduate exchange students may of course join the relevant graduate school of the University.

>>Japanese Government Scholarship Program
The Japanese government (MEXT) has officially accredited the CJLC as a National Japanese Language Institute. Students in this program learn Japanese language and Japanese traditional culture in accordance with the special curriculum designed by the CJLC.

>>Short-term Program
The CJLC offers summer sessions to international students who wish to study Japanese for a short periods. We offer a 3-week-program that enables those students to gain Japanese language skills while learning about life and culture in Kyoto.

Life in Doshisha: Student Support
Doshisha University offers a variety of accommodations for international students, including our owned/leased domitories. We also provide relevant information on off-campus housing and real estate agencies both inside and outside the university. For students who find their rooms through the agents introduced by the university, the university can serve as a guarantor when they need.

>>Health and Counseling
Students can consult with a doctor (physician) at the Health Center and obtain mental health support at the Counseling Center. Counseling is available in English.

>>Adviser System
Lifestyle Support Advisers for International Students serve to give advice and answer questions regarding their study and daily life, as well as help them settle into life in Japan upon arrival and understand the difference in social system.

>>Student Support Services Center
The Student Support Services Center provides general information concerning campus life and studies, and offers counseling and self-development activities to enhance students' campus life. It also plans and sponsors various extracurricular activities.

>>Career Support
To support students who pursue their career while in school, we offer information materials on employment and companies, vocational counseling, vocational guidance and seminars. Furthermore, we provide various courses for qualification tests and guidance for those who aim to obtain licenses or qualifications.

Doshisha University offers a variety of scholarships to enable international students to concentrate on their studies free from financial concern.

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