Prestigious Universities Offering Degree Programs Conducted Only in English. 13 internationalized universities were selected by the Japanese Government. These include The University of Tokyo, Asia's best university, and Kyoto University, a university which has produced seven Nobel Prizes recipients. You will be able to obtain degrees from these top universities by taking courses offered in English.

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Think big. Think deep. Think Keio.
Keio University provides a world-class academic and research environment to cultivate tomorrow's leaders. Three new degree programs delivered in English have been launched under Global 30.


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Founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, a highly respected intellectual leader and visionary, Keio University is Japan's first modern institution of higher learning. Guided by the founding principles of Fukuzawa, Keio seeks to nurture future leaders of society. Over the last century and a half, the university has established itself as a leader in Japan and Asia through its continued commitment to education, research and medicine. Keio has ten undergraduate faculties and fourteen graduate schools which are spread across six main campuses in the greater Tokyo area and are home to 33,000 students and 4,800 faculty and administrative staff. Mita Campus is located in central Tokyo and houses the four undergraduate faculties of Letters, Economics, Law, and Business and Commerce. Hiyoshi Campus is attended by undergraduates from all faculties except the three faculties located in Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC). Yagami Campus is home to both the Faculty and Graduate School of Science and Technology. Shinanomachi is home to the School and the Graduate School of Medicine. SFC is home to the Faculties of Policy Management, Environment and Information Studies, and Nursing and Medical Care. Students from the graduate schools of Media and Governance and Health Management also study at this campus. Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus houses the Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Keio University has approximately 250 partnerships with universities and organizations in more than 40 countries, involving education and research in wide-ranging areas. Exchange students from partner universities are guaranteed of being enrolled in high quality programs for learning Japanese as well as degree work and joint projects. On an institutional level, joint research projects are underway with many organizations worldwide. Keio also has six overseas offices and centers in New York, London, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai.

Keio University welcomes exchange students from our partner universities all over the world. We offer three different programs for exchange students including our new Keio International Program.


This Program is open to students who wish to take courses conducted in English together with Japanese language subjects and students who wish to take undergraduate courses offered by the faculties.
Core Subjects / Core subjects are intended to develop the fundamental Japanese ability needed for Japanese study at each level. After taking a placement test, students are assigned to one of 12 class levels.
Subjects with a Specific Focus / The goal of these courses is to improve students speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students take classes at their core subject level.
Japanese Studies on Society and Culture / Through these courses, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand Japanese society and culture.

This Program is for students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of an academic adviser. Students must be enrolled in a Graduate School (or equivalent level) at their home institution.

There are currently over 180 courses delivered in English throughout the university, in addition to English as a Foreign Language classes. This not only makes the university more accessible to students from abroad, it also fosters an atmosphere of global awareness and sensitivity among Japanese students.

★Other programs delivered in English:

To equip students with the skills for leadership roles in a global society, Keio offers double degree programs with other world-class universities. In these programs, students study at Keio and at the partner institution, and are awarded degrees from both upon completion.

For international students from our partner universities:
KJSP (Keio Short-term Japanese Study Program)

KFLP (Keio East Asia Future Leaders Program)

For international students enrolled in a graduate degree program at a university outside of Japan:
Thesis @ Keio


"Design the Future" Award
While there are many scholarships available to help students with their studies, the "Design the Future" Award is one of the most generous awards of its kind in Japan. It is aimed at international students who have the drive to become global leaders in academia, business and public services. To be eligible, students must be planning to enroll in a Master's program at one of Keio University's graduate schools or the Doctoral program at the Graduate School of Medicine.

Student Dormitories
Keio University has a small number of off-campus rooms for privately-financed international students. The monthly rent is approximately JPY 50,000-60,000. These rooms are about an hour away from Mita Campus.

Media Center
Keio University libraries are called Media Centers. All five campuses have a Media Center with the headquarters at Mita Campus. The Media Centers have a collection of more than 5 million books and periodicals, making them one of the most prestigious resources available in Japan.

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