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An Intellectual Global Commons
At the hub of both traditional and modern Tokyo, Meiji University aims at establishing an "Intellectual Global Commons", where people from all over the world can gather to advance reserch and education.


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Meiji University has expanded to become one of the most prominent private universities in Japan, and it celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2011. With Rights, Liberty, Independence and Self-Government as its guiding principles, we are committed to fostering students who satisfy the "needs of the times." Sending out more than 506,500 graduates into the world to date, we have already made a great contribution to society.
A group of young lawyers barely in their 30's : Tatsuo Kishimoto, Kozo Miyagi and Misao Yashiro established Meiji University as the Meiji Law School in January 1881. The era was characterized by Japan's urgent need to become a modern sovereign state. The three lawyers founded the Meiji Law School based on their fervent hope to "foster bright youths capable of leading a modern civil society in Japan."
Currently Meiji University consists of nine Undergraduate Schools, eleven Graduate School research departments and four Professional Graduate Schools, providing education for more than 32,000 students. Along with an excellent teaching staff to support international exchange students and academic exchange, we are promoting advanced research.

Right in the heart of Metropolitan Tokyo
Surugadai, the historic campus of Meiji University, is located right in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo, both geographically and culturally. Surrounded by impressive sites, such as "Kanda Myojin" which is an ancient shrine allegedly built in 730 and believed to bring luck for businesses, families, and for finding spouses ; "Yushima Seido" is an ancient scholastic center from the Tokugawa Era, built in 1690, honoring Confucius as its ideal figure of learning ; "The Nicholai-do Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection" is a Russian Orthodox church built in the Byzantine style of architecture in 1891 ; "The Kanda area for Second-hand Books" consists of approximately 160 second-hand book stores selling a variety of books with a total storage of more than 10 million volumes ; An area comprising a plethora of shops selling musical instruments stretches from Ochanomizu Station to the university site ; "Akihabara Electric City" is situated nearby and is famous as a Mecca for Anime and Manga, the sub cultures of what is often called "Cool Japan".
The campus has two buildings of symbolic importance ; "Liberty Tower" is a 23-story structure measuring 120m in height and is fully equipped with facilities for information and audiovisual education, and the other is "Academy Common", which is designed to function as a comprehensive facility open to the public, centering on lifelong education.
At the hub of both traditional and modern Tokyo, we seek to bring various cultures together, as well as to promote development of intellectual ability.

Global Common Project
The Project is to establish an "Intellectual Global Common", where people from all over the world can gather to advance research and education. We will form a foundation for transmitting Japanese culture, technology and intellectual property to the world. Under the educational policy of "strengthening the individual," we will develop our students' ability to play an active role in international society and in multinational environments. As for the scale of international exchanges of students, we aim to accept 4,000 students from abroad and send 1,500 students into the world, by the academic year 2020. Through these efforts, we will contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity of the world, and challenge to become one of the top universities in the world.

Cool Japan Program
We will set up the "Cool Japan Program", which covers subjects related to Japan's culture, technology and social system mainly at the School of Global Japanese Studies. This program will be provided to international students on our short-term program. In order to improve the Japanese language ability of these students, we will develop their practical skills.
Through the program, we will foster graduates who have a thorough understanding of Japanese culture and society, and a flexible understanding of different cultures, so that they can play active and broad part in the global community. We will raise the ratio of lecturers who are English speakers with excellent research records, from the current 5.2% to 10.0% by the academic year 2020.

Total Solution System
We will offer a total solution system, which provides care from enrollment to course completion, to our international students. We will provide full high-quality support for them through collaborations with business partners, operating online application systems, the conducting of TV interviews at our overseas offices, admitting overseas applicants directly from their own countries, and by providing housing, counseling, and internships. We will also extend job placement support via the Global Career Development Council, which includes Meiji University Alumni members.

Advanced Research
In May 2005, we founded the Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Property(OSCRIP). The organization has three primary objectives; "Establishing a world-class research center focusing on certain areas", "Promoting globalization of researchers", and "Seeking ways of making broader contributions to society."
In July 2007, the OSCRIP created a system for establishing an "Institute for the promotion of specially featured research", to enhance the development of certain areas. As the first step of the activities, we have founded the "Meiji Institute for the Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS)". MIMS aims to develop and promote the study of mathematical sciences that assist the analysis of phenomena in nature and society. It will also educate and assist young researchers and students to popularize the mathematical sciences. Through those activities, MIMS will become an outstanding international research center, pioneering the mathematical sciences. In this context, our proposal for "The Formation and Development of Phenomenon Mathematics" was selected by MEXT, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology as one of the Global COE programs for 2008 (In the field of "Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Science").
Meanwhile, since 2003, our 26 educational and research programs were adopted by MEXT as examples of "Good Practice" or "GP". The objectives of GP are to invigorate higher education and to encourage excellent education and research activities which utilize each university's individuality and particular characteristics. These GP adoptions prove the quality of education and research at Meiji University.

Expanding the Academic Network
As part of the international academic network, Meiji University is already playing a key role as chair for the Japan-Canada Strategic Student Exchange Program. We will continue to enhance closer cooperation with prominent overseas universities, through participation in networks such as the Erasmus Mundus Program.

We, Meiji University, will accelerate our efforts for internationalization and improvement of the quality of research and education. All those who are interested in our university are welcome to apply.

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