Prestigious Universities Offering Degree Programs Conducted Only in English. 13 internationalized universities were selected by the Japanese Government. These include The University of Tokyo, Asia's best university, and Kyoto University, a university which has produced seven Nobel Prizes recipients. You will be able to obtain degrees from these top universities by taking courses offered in English.

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The University of Tokyo

World's Leading Hub of Knowledge Producing Nobel laureates in physics, literature, and peace, the University of Tokyo offers you world-class research and educational opportunities.


Title:The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students (University of Tokyo Fellowship)
Description:This fellowship is awarded to privately financed international students who will enroll in a University of Tokyo graduate school program and who demonstrate academic excellence (recipient will not be exempt from their annual tuition fees).
Fee:200,000/150,000 yen monthly
Application period:Twice a year: Around February–March for summer semester, around August–September for winter semester
Qualifications:Privately financed international students
Title:The University of Tokyo Grants for Ph.D. Research
Description:The University of Tokyo runs this program to support academic pursuits by outstanding doctoral students and to place those students in scientific research assignments that are essential for enhancing the quality of scientific research.
Fee:Depends on the department
Application period:Contact the administrative office of your graduate school for details.
Qualifications:PhD students
Title:University of Tokyo Scholarships
(For PEAK Students Only)
Description:A number of University of Tokyo Scholarships will be available which will provide full University fees and living expenses for the full four years of the course.
Application period:

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