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Inheriting Tradition, Creating an Era, Nurturing Knowledge
With its 55,000 students from around Japan and over 100 countries worldwide, WASEDA University is creating a new history.

Global30 Activities

Waseda University seeks to realize the goals of "accepting some 8,000 international students (4,000 undergraduates, 4,000 graduate students)" and "affording Japanese students the opportunity to study abroad during their enrollment." Through its educational programs, Waseda intends to develop human resources who command global skills that transcend borders; global citizens who are able to address and resolve various regional issues, and contribute to not only their local communities, but also to their nation, and, by extension, humanity at large.

Enhancing Waseda's International Student Admission System

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Unified entrance examinations
By setting up an International Admissions Office, Waseda is working to consolidate its recruitment activities and application processing for international students—which until now have been handled by individual undergraduate and graduate schools—while also recruiting new students overseas. These steps are intended to address various concerns, including complaints from overseas examinees and high school guidance counselors that the University's multiple examination systems are a source of confusion.
Overseas entrance examinations
To draw in high-caliber international students, Waseda has adopted new entrance examination procedures that do not require examinees to visit Japan (examples: AO exams and designated-school exams in the School of Political Science and Economics and three Schools of Science and Engineering; Ting Hsin International Group, Tinghyi [Cayman Islands] Holding Corporation Scholarship; and a program for accepting dispatched students through the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training's International Education Development Bureau).
Enhanced support for overseas faculty members
In November 2009, Waseda established the "International Scholar Services (ISS)," an office tasked with offering a one-stop center to help overseas faculty members and their families adjust to life in Japan. Among the services offered are assistance with housing, immigration procedures, and providing information on medical services.

Honing Global Skills: Academic Writing for Japanese and International Students

In order to increase academic writing skills in English among both international students and Japanese students, Waseda boosted instructional services offered at its Writing Center through individual mentoring and guidance.

English-based Degree Programs

Beginning with the AY 2010, Waseda increased its English-based degree programs to a total of 5 undergraduate schools and eight graduate schools, including programs in Political Science and Economics, Fundamental Science and Engineering, Advanced Science and Engineering, Creative Science and Engineering. The School of Social Science will also offer an undergraduate course in 2011 and a graduate course in 2012.

Promoting educational partnership with overseas universities

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For four weeks beginning on July 27, 2009, Waseda hosted the Summer Program of the Global Honors College, a program that Waseda is developing jointly with Columbia University, Yale University, Harvard University, the University of Washington, Peking University, Korea University, and the National University of Singapore.

Overseas Office for Shared Utilization by Universities

Waseda has made available all Global 30 pamphlets at its Bonn Office which opened in 1991. Moreover, beginning in March 2010, Waseda increased staffing to enhance promotional efforts related to Global 30.

Honing global skills for faculty and staff members

  • Implementation of Faculty Development Programs with partner universities in the United States
  • Implementation of Staff Development Programs with partner universities overseas (namely, Canada, Australia, and the United States)
  • Implementation of English e-mail writing training for faculty members

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